Serving at Cornerstone

Serving others is a huge part of what we do at Cornerstone.  We'd love to help connect your gifts and passions with areas of service.  If you'd like to learn more about Cornerstone, and also get some help in how to use your unique talents, please consider signing up for next Blueprints Class.


Ministries at Cornerstone are best understood as “departments” or organized areas of Christian service.  Each ministry has an identified area of responsibility and mission to help fulfill the larger mission of Cornerstone.  Generally, ministries have a specific purpose, a single leader who oversees the ministry, a budget, and a ministry ladder to allow levels of volunteers.  Ministries do change periodically and the list on the other side will not alway stay the same.  As the needs, emphasis, and larger ministry of the church grows and changes, modifications will be made to the lineup of ministries.  Here is a list of our current ministries at Cornerstone:

  • Children's Ministry - Responsible for all children’s programming on Sunday morning (Cornerstone U’, Children’s Church, and Middle School).  Also responsible for the kids area (rooms and hallway) and special kids events (Easter Egg Hunt, VBS, etc.) (Contact Tracie Cicero,
  • Events Ministry - Social times and service projects are all part of Events.  This ministry is responsible for both fun events (e.g. game nights, after service meals, bowling, sporting events, etc.) and service projects (food drives, school supply drives, FMSC, etc.) (Marissa Martensen and Linda Voight
  • Finance Ministry - The team responsible for managing Cornerstone’s finances.  This group includes counting the offering, recording giving, paying bills, filling out vouchers, payroll, and all other aspects of financial management. (Contact Marilyn Leary,
  • Groups Ministry - A different kind of ministry in that it encompasses all kinds of groups at Cornerstone.  This includes Cornerstone U’ and other groups outside of Sunday mornings (Bible studies, coffee group, small groups, etc.) (Contact Mark Watson,
  • Hospitality Ministry - Coordinates Sunday morning breakfast, greeters, and other efforts to be welcoming as a church.  This ministry also has a new responsibility to help represent Cornerstone during community/outreach events. (Contact Lety Elias,
  • Library Ministry - This ministry handles all aspects of the church library.  Includes selecting new materials and resources for the benefit of the congregation. (Contact Marilyn Brown,
  • Property Ministry - The Property ministry is oversees all aspects of Cornerstone’s building and grounds. (Contact Patti Kramer,
  • Youth Ministry - Responsible for all middle and high school programming.  Coordinates the Teen Group (Middle School and High School) on Sunday Evenings, as well as summer trips/conferences. (Contact Katrina Blase,
  • Worship Ministry - The ministry responsible for Sunday morning corporate worship.  The Worship Ministry is divided into three areas: technical (running a/v equipment), ushers (passing communion and offering), and stage (musicians, meditations, etc.). (Contact Daniel Lim,

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