When and where is the class held?

The Blueprints Class is held on Sunday afternoons, immediately following the worship service.  The class takes about two and a half hours, but please note that this includes lunch, breaks, and time for questions and discussion.  The class is held in the conference room.

Is there a cost to attend?

No, the class is completely free and includes lunch as our treat.  

How do I sign-up?

Just check the box on your Connect Card or fill out the sign-up form below.  

What do we talk about in the class?

While we are learning together, there will be lots of time to ask questions, interact with others, and a chance for us to get to know you a little better.  There are three major sections to the class.  Check out the descriptions to the right.

Class Agenda


It all starts with the right foundation.  We begin by looking at what we believe at Cornerstone and a chance to get to know you as well.  We’ll talk about Cornerstone’s history as a church, baptism, and our mission and vision.


The next part builds on that foundation of belief and talks about what it means to live in a relationship with God.  We’ll talk about key tools in your spiritual growth and really dig into your specific plan to grow closer to God.  


Finally, we’ll see that God is building something great in your life.  He wants you to use your gifts, abilities, and you as a unique being to make a difference.  We’ll look at some practical tools and tips to see what it means to live out our faith.  We’ll see that it’s great to have plans and blueprints, but the real work work begins when we start building something together.  

Class Sign-up

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