We would like to introduce a little more about our new missions committee. In order to kick start this, I thought I would ask Allison a few questions. Take a look! 

What is your purpose as the missions committee?
Our primary purpose as a committee is to track the different missions being supported by Cornerstone and communicate with the congregation the work God is doing through our brothers and sisters outside our walls. 

What are some of the things you will be doing?
In addition to our main goals of communication, we are also sponsoring a summer program for the kids Sunday School classes to raise money for International Disaster Emergency Service, scheduling a family overnight work weekend with Rock River Christian Camp this fall and planning a 10 day missions trip to Haiti for 2017.

Who is on the missions committee?
Allison Jones, Katrina Blase, Rita Carter and Joann Humphrey

How often do you meet?
Regular meetings are quarterly but we do get together in between those to work on projects.

How can we look forward to hearing from you and our missionaries?
We are starting a quarterly newsletter with the first edition coming out in May. Matt has also planned for the month of August to be a spotlight on missions including a Missions Fair for everyone to learn more about what we are doing in various missions fields as a church.

Do you have one story from the bulletin board that you would recommend Cornerstone people go see?
In 2015 Cornerstone began supporting A and C who just began their ministry in Indonesia. Their newsletter would be a great place to start because their missions journey is just starting as well.