We are a non-denominational Christian Church.  We are part of a movement (often called the “Restoration Movement” or “Christian Church”) that believes there is only one church and Christ is the head.  We call ourselves only “Christians,” with an old saying, “We are not the only Christians, but we are Christians only.”  Our goal is to take the Bible seriously in being part of the whole Body of Christ.  We build our community by saying, in essentials UNITY in non-essentials LIBERTY and in all things LOVE.


In 1961, First Christian Church was started in Wheaton.  Later, it became First Christian Glen Ellyn and touched many lives.  However, in 2005, First Christian officially closed down and transferred all property and assets to Ignite Church Planting.  Ignite is a  Chicago area organization that has a 100 year history of planting non-denominational Christian Churches in and around Chicago.  Many of the people of First Christian became the core group that helped plant Cornerstone.  On October 16, 2005 Cornerstone Christian Church was planted as a new church in the area. 


Since we began, we have been dedicated to creating a church that welcomes all people; we strive to be a church of all ages and races.  When you attend Cornerstone, you will see young families and empty-nesters, teenagers and retirees.  You will see people of all kinds of backgrounds call Cornerstone home.  Although we are different, we share the common purpose of building our lives and families on Jesus Christ.  We are dedicated to helping you build a strong foundation for your life.